Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robots and Ray Guns

So, I went on a little trip to St.Louis and went to their City Museum. Much to my surprise I found a wing that was full of Robots and Ray Guns! Here, in photographic form are the spoils of my journey.

Notice the "Dungeon Master" in the top right, too much!

wicked old pinball machine

and a sweet little painted panel from an old book case..


  1. Cool stuff. You gotta enjoy 70s style pinball motifs and an owl in a hat where ever you can find them. My fave is the "Dungeon Master" raygun. If you run out of zap juice you can use it as brass knuckles. Did the museum indicate where the raygun collection came from?

  2. It seems everything there was collected from abandoned warehouses, buildings, excavations etc. Pretty neat stuff from years of collecting in a municipal building, and then they decided "lets turn this into a museum!".