Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Petty Gods

Here's my submission for the Petty Gods book that James over at Grognardia is doing. This is Screbblo, and his description reads as such:

"Screbblo appears as a small, finely dressed gnome, with a cobbler's hammer in one hand and a pouch of boot nails slung over his shoulder. He wanders from town to town, entering cobbler's shops at night to complete and improve their work. He dislikes violence and will always flee if threatened. If forced to fight, he will attack with either his hammer, or by throwing a fistful of boot nails. He has the power to make any footwear fall apart at will, and if this happens, the wearer must save vs death ray or trip over. It is said that Screbblo has a secret hideaway in the mountains, containing a magic workshop and the finest collection of boots and shoes in the multi-verse. His own boots are exceedingly beautiful, and are enchanted with every magic power ever devised for footwear."