Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Charismatic Creature of the Slime Lands

I'm illustrating a children's book named The Swamp, and this is the alien creature I've created for it. It seems to fit the requirements set forth for a friendly, slimy alien.

Looking at it though, I could see it being a helpful creature to come across in the Slime Lands of Planet Algol. A nice charismatic slime that leads you either out of the swamp or straight to its nest of hungry friends.

He's just so darn friendly looking!


  1. It's what a Mulg looks like after it casts charm person on you...

  2. ha ha!

    It smells like death, but...it's so sociable!

  3. Slimy & alien, but must appear friendly....ok.

    Nice work on getting disparate characteristics to mesh in this creature design!