Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Temple of Set

Snake priests, surprise attacks, and human sacrifice; a perfect setting for an adventuring party out to make a fortune, or die trying.

This is a future book cover for one of Blair's projects. This time not for Planet Algol but for his Wilderlands' Temple of Set supplement. Blair set up the scene for me, my friend Robin drew it out, and then I transfered it to the panel and started painting!

This painting is on a large wooden panel (about 4 feet by 2 feet) and is done in Oils. This still has a long way to go, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what is to come. I also think it's fun to see the process of a work in progress, and I hope you do to!


  1. Hah! I love it! Especially the extra large cast with something like 20 people in the painting! The costumes are great, too! Looking forward to seeing it completed!

    For something like this, how do you reproduce it? Do you have a good digital camera that you use to shoot it?

  2. Yeah, the cast of characters is almost as epic as the scene!

    This one was shot with a digital camera under not-quite-optimal conditions. Other than setting up for a real shoot, there are places that scan big images, but it's quite costly. I've got an offer from another friend to shoot it in a studio when its done, so I'm looking forward to that!

  3. I've been doing some painting on paper with acrylics... I'm too impatient by far and need to work on my paint technique.
    But I can't afford a decent digital camera. To post online, I've been scanning big paintings in sections and then attempting to 'stitch' the sections together in photoshop... which works pretty well... but I would much rather just have a really good capture.
    I wish I had the patience and the environment for oils --- despite some glare in the photos, your colors look really warm and luminous!

  4. Thanks Aos!

    Limpey, I hear ya. I've looked into larger format scanners for this same reason. It seems once you get away from the "standard" size the price quadruples. Ridiculous! Until then...

  5. I'm currently trying to work smaller... so that perhaps the work will fit on a standard sized scanner.

  6. FUCKIN-A!

    I can't wait to see the final result. This would make an awesome wraparound cover for Fight On! - the composition is perfect.

  7. I'm likin' this wrap-around cover idea, Mr. Portly. I've been hammerin' away at this piece a lot lately; it had been sitting in a "half-zombie" state for a while, alive but lacking in true spirit. I'm hoping I'll have it done in a month or two.

    ..And thank you Mr. Wills!

  8. Looking great bro! As for the number of characters - 31! 10 adventurers, 20 foes and henchmen, and 1 sacrificial red head.

  9. Come on Fat Cotton - show us updates on this awe-inspiring ultra-scene.