Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the Make

You'll soon see these two following illustrations completed, but I thought first I should give a tiny taste of what's on the way.

First is a vignette from a children's book that I'm illustrating currently for JLS Publishing entitled Vanishing Breeds.

Two captured boys look on in sudden shock as they are lowered towards the gaping maw of a giant double-headed dragon.

This next piece is one I've been calling Blaster and the Beast. It is a project that is going towards the Planet Algol image bank. It's in a very rough stage of development here, and I must thank Robin from NewOriginalArt for his inspirational positioning and sketch-skeletons, but I always enjoy seeing the progress of pieces and couldn't resist giving you a peak behind the curtain.


  1. The dragon picture totally looks like something Steve Zieser of Curmudgeons and Dragons Blog would draw!

    I forgot about the big booty Zhaxxi woman picture!

  2. Don't worry, that Zhaxxi one is on deck. And what can I say, Steve has good taste...

  3. I like the dragon. I like looking at stuff as it comes together too.

    How (with what software) was the dragon colored? I need to learn how to do that.

    There's an image bank? I need to get back to work and do another piece.

  4. I used to have a pirated Arabic version of Photoshop, but I just use Gimp these days, it's free and pretty easy to use, and it does just about all that photoshop does, just minus a few of those extra doo-dads that somehow cost $700 or whatever it is they charge if you purchase it through normal "legal" channels.